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The 17th of Tammuz is a Jewish fast observed yearly to commemorate among other disasters the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 A.D. An event is being held during this fast, this year, which has the potential to be another disastrous breaching of the (spiritual) walls of Jerusalem. TomorrowLand is […]

This weekend, we will have a HUGE opportunity to stand in the gap for something that I first wrote to you about at the end of May.  TOMORROWLAND, the “music festival” will take place from this Friday (July 22nd) at noon, until next Sunday (July 24th) at midnight in Boom, Belgium.  Let me refresh your […]

Many of you would have received a report I sent concerning a vision I received on 21 October, and on 4 November, 2014 of “The Temple Mount, A Menacing Dragon, and A Season of Increasing Shakings”. At the time I had received these visions, Jerusalem was experiencing frequent violent attacks of Muslim violence against Jews […]

A Vision of The Temple Mount, A Menacing Dragon, And A Season of Increasing Shakings   On 21 October, 2014, during our worship in Succat Hallel, I saw a vision of a huge black dragon that was circling in a menacing manner above the Temple Mount here in Jerusalem.  Each time it breathed fire from […]