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11 thoughts on “Update from Jerusalem: Day 28 of the Israel-Hamas Conflict – A Prayer Perspective by Rick Ridings”

  1. Praise God. Praying for IDF soldiers in this vision is life and strength for the soldiers and empowering for me in prayer. May they continue in Yeshua’s Presence into full salvation and understanding.

  2. The Lord clearly indicated the believers in Iran are being rooted out by the leaders in Iran and are suffering the same as the jews by h a Mas.
    We bind the Beast from entering the Sanctuary of believers and loose all the host of heaven to defend God’s Children as Iran, Turkey, no korea come against the children in the U.S. May the Beast find the Angel armies a total disaster in their midst. May the very land be cleansed of thousands of idols sacrificed by the priests of Jezebel.
    We Stand

  3. Adonai protects and guards His people from all ill. Be encouraged and lifted up in spirit. Our God is Mighty in battle, He never looses, He wins every time!!! I pray there will be no more casualties only victors. I pray that even in this difficult time, you will pray earnestly, make a joyful noise and break-forth in thanksgiving!!
    Keep your eyes on the problem solver and know that your/our God fights for you!!!!

  4. Yes and Amen! We agree with this timely prayer delivered by Rick Ridings and will continue to pray over Israel and this ministry.

  5. We are so blessed and inspired by your vision and supporting scriptures! I thank you, Rick for sharing this, and pray for God’s continuing protection and gracious provision over Israel, you, your family, and Succat Hallel ❤️🕊️🇮🇱

  6. Thank you for the insight of the bread, was taught it was angel food, but never connected it, sort of a super energized manna….you’re a blessing to the body and my prayer is I can enter Israel again and visit you…Shalom Shalom

  7. Amen and Amen! I just read Psalm 83 and agree…
    The enemies may rage, scheme and conspire against Israel. They may plot and form their alliances but “The LORD is a man of war, The LORD is His Name.” And I pray, just as a fire consumes and a flame sets ablaze, HE will pursue, terrify and cover their faces with shame. The Lord ALONE is the Most High over all the earth. “Who is the King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, The LORD mighty in battle.” Today, I pray The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords will bring salvation and victory in numbers to great to count. Yeshua IS the Bread of Life.
    Exodus 15:3, Psalm 24:8, Revelation 19:16, John 6:35

      1. Yes I agree with Pastor Rick , your will Lord as to the timing of this war and when it will be your will accomplished at this time. Thank you Mr. Riddings for being in Israel at this time and being obedient to your call. Shalom! Barbara Atlanta !

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