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Received by Rick Ridings in Jerusalem 6 March, 2018 During a time of worship in Succat Hallel, I saw in a vision the eyes of the Lord roving over the earth, watching over the nations. His eyes shone like spotlights upon the nations. The world looked like a giant chessboard, and the government of each […]

    The Lion of Judah, Jerusalem and the Nations: A Vision Received by Rick Ridings in Jerusalem January 30, 2018 As we were worshipping in Succat Hallel, I saw the majesty and sovereignty of the Lion of Judah, as He sat on a Throne above the Temple Mount.  He was so perfectly calm, so […]

UPDATE ON TOMORROWLAND PRAYER, 23 JULY (17TH – 18TH OF TAMMUZ) Dear Intercessors, We want to thank those of you who joined in with us from the nations to pray concerning the TomorrowLand occult music festival in Jerusalem.  Here is a short update: 1.     We went with a local team to worship, pray, and proclaim […]