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9 thoughts on “A Prophetic Perspective for the Jewish New Year 5783”

  1. Thank you for this encouraging message. Our elections have started. Much confusion and debate. Thanks for the reminder of Reese Howells and how the Father acknowledged his obedience.

  2. Christina Deborah

    I am taken aback (positively) with this message and prayers. They simply does not leave any heart untouched. We are heading into the most important times these days. You help us not to miss the timing and the use of time! Thank you thank you. Be richly blessed – you at Succat Hallel. Shalom.

  3. Thank you, love this message for the nations and especially Israel an our g
    God’s Chosen(s).
    We stand with you and intercessors as wait for and see, more blinders coming off.
    Micah 7:7

  4. Dear Rick,
    Hi, again. I’m an intercessor who loves to pray with you and your network for Israel. Today God is keying me into what you have posted here on your website: A Prophetic Prospective for the Jewish New Year 5783. God is coupling this with also listening to what Johnny Enlow is saying on his recent Oct 10 Elijah Streams, Johnny Enlow Unfiltered on Rumble. Basically he talked about how he believes God is right now focusing on Isa 62 to bring it to pass.
    Do you know about Ken Johnson’s recent work -last few years/decade – on translating some of the Dead Sea Scrolls? Some that reveal the Essene Calendar and how they used it to reveal God’s Prophetic timeline is fascinating. Also that the Essene’s Calendar is different than the Pharisee’s Calendar – the one that the Jews are using today – and that they believed the Pharisees had corrupted the interpretation of prophesy by adopting their calendar. The Essene’s theology was very closely aligned with what Christians believed, for example they taught from prophesy that the Messiah would have two appearings, the first to suffer for our sins as described in Isa 53, and the second as conquering King. The viewpoint of the Essenes was known as the Way, before Christ was born, and the Christians were known by the same name for many years after the birth of the Church. Ken Johnson also points to many aspects of John’s life that coincide with the way of life of the Essenes and causes one to wonder if John followed the teaching of the Essenes or was even a leader among them. Anyway it is all very fascinating and if the Calendar is a true calendar, it has some very startling implications for how we should be judging the times and seasons we are currently in.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Randie Ray

  5. Dear Rick, What a joy to have been able to listen to your prophetic, encouraging message from the Lord for this New Year. Thank you for making it available to others who cannot be with you as before in Succat Hallel, which I miss. Interestingly, the Lord has been impressing on me the need to pray a lot for the water borders of Israel (you mentioned two portions of Yeshua’s blood needed to be poured along the Mediterranean Coastline of Israel for protection) because there are enemy submarines there which could fire out devastating weapons on the Land.
    May the Lord continue to bless you and Patricia and all the work you do. What a testimony of your attendance of the Presidential Inauguration in Kenya! All glory to the LORD!
    Blessings from Ruth Campbell in England.

  6. Shalom cari Fratelli…molte grazie per il messaggio profetico..di questo Anno..Shalom Rick..Avrei una domanda io abito vicino Italia..dove e stata eletta la ministra Meloni..qui si sentono ogni giorno le Canpane della chiesa cattolica..non avete parlato di questo Principato diabolico..forse il piu potente oggi Perche..Grazie ci sono molti cattolici nel mondo..piu di ogni altra religione..non Avete ricevuto nulla su Roma..o Questo tremendo Principato??Grazie..Shalom

  7. I noticed this message in 2022 October 27, and the same day a typhoon was created in the Pacific. Guess what the number of the typhoon is? 2222!
    By the way January 15 is my birthday.

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