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48 thoughts on “Coronavirus and the Blood of the Passover Lamb”

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    Thank you both for your faithfulness out of Zion! The vision and song where from the Lord, no doubt!
    Standing in prayer agreement with you from Atlanta!
    Worthy is the LAMB??❤️???❣️
    Linda Wyatt

  2. Avatar

    What a wonderful vision.Yes, this passover will be very different.
    I say Amen

    Thankyou for sharing
    Abba blsess you

  3. Avatar
    susan wiesmann

    What a wonderful vision and many thanks for sharing it!!! The date given for the vision was a bit confusing. There was no March 21, 2020. Perhaps you meant March 23, 2020? This, however, DOES NOT detract from the great encouragement in the vision of our Passover Lamb.

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    Janet Rosenthal

    Blessing to you, Rick, for giving us this vision that Yeshua gave you. At this trying time, it is indeed a message of hope, evangelism, and health. No matter what happens here on earth, we must all always remember that God is on his throne and Jesus is at his right side, always in control. Hope all of your family is well. I have been claiming psalm 91. Blessings, Janet USA

  5. Avatar

    Oooh amen..1st the counterfeit crown corona then the glorious true crown..Yeshua turning the tables of the temple now all u see in restos and cafes..upturned tables..no more filthy lucre..turning hearts of fathers and sons..no more too busy dad’s..finally family together uniting..no more using Gods name to fund OUR agendas..no more leaders controlling and manipulating..now our shadows bringing healing.. Halleluyahhhh

  6. Avatar
    Yvette Schultz

    I look forward to the day that the Jewish people will
    Know Yeshua as Savior and King! May it be so Lord??

  7. Avatar
    Christine Hollywood Scotland

    Hallelujah! I shared a vision I had with my Swiss sister in The Lord and felt April was significant.i saw a man with a white shirt on with a black waistcoat,then I saw man walk towards me,couldn’t see his face but He was all white with white hair.then I saw a large wooden Fork which farmers lifted the harvest wheat with.i got the impression I hear The Holy Spirit talk of the threshing floor.? Oh! How wonderful to hear your vision Rick.thank you! I beleive God is speaking to many of us and showing g us a peice of the pattern and time to come.i’m so excited!!!

  8. Avatar

    I had been praying with this passage in Revelation the last time I was able to go to a prayer meeting. The lamb who is a lion.
    Oh, how wonderful that He is visiting His people with the same message at a time such as this!

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    Nancee & Rodney Fox

    Thank you so much for sharing with us as the Lord reveals visions dreams & words of encouragement to the Body of Christ. Jude:2

  10. Avatar

    Yes, thank you. I ask Abba for a continued release of the spirit of wisdom and revelation over all called by His Name.

  11. Avatar

    Thank you Lord, for informing your servant, of things to come, and your mercies, which are new every morning! Great is your faithfulness Lord. Thank you for your everlasting LOVE !
    God god bless!

  12. Avatar

    Praise the Lord Our G-d- His Mercies enduring forevermore . Praise be to Him the King of the Universe. Holy Yeshua HaMashiach. The Glory is yours Holy One upon your righteousness throne. Come O mighty one of Israel and Establishing your Kingdom forevermore. Amen

  13. Avatar

    Hallelujah! I had just finished praying for the nations and over the corona virus pandemic and then saw this information. I totally agree Servant of the Living God. Only march 21st was a Saturday here in Kenya.. God richly bless you. Looking forward to the great revival

    Sis Delight

  14. Avatar

    AMEN from Australia….The harvest is soon, the harvest is plentiful, we pray the Lord of the harvest…send out laboures…

  15. Avatar
    Marietta D Cryer

    I know and believe only our Father God can bring healing to our land. This is something He will do so His glory will be seen to the utter ends of the earth so man can not say, “I did this, I made a vaccine to bring healing.” Oh no, Our Father God is bringing healing …. this is in His hands this shaking and this redemption for HE IS IN CONTROL… not mere men, Yeshua is doing a Great thing!!!” Praise God, all glory and honor belongs to Him! Amen and amen in Jesus Christ’s name amen ..

  16. Avatar

    So precious a vision, many thanks for sharing it, I am so blessed reading it. It’s drenched with the awesome love of the Lamb our eternal King. I am reminded of Rev 5: 23. Every blessing.

  17. Avatar

    I am completely undone! This is what I have been seing for a week! Word for word, and the same scripture mentioned in two different places in the Word! 2 Sam 24 and 1 Chron 21! One says “Satan” provoked David to take a census, and the other says The Lord’s anger burned against Israel!! I literally just sent this out, the Revelaiton to a High Level Govt Office LAST NIGHT! And I have been concerned if the 2020Census now being activated all acorss the USA “brought on, the plague! I literally have been praying and asking Yahweh about this since last weekend!! I am in shock!! Thank you for sharing this WORD!! I am undone here in Houston Texas!! Thank you Abba for confirming your Word!! The Angle in 2 Sam is directly related to the Angel in Exodus 12:22-24 and Rev Chapter 7 and 9!! I just sent out a Prayer Call through Text Message on this very Prophetic Point THIS MORNING, THURS MARCH 26TH!!

  18. Avatar

    Hi Rick. Do you remember in the basement of a church—I believe it was in Kansas—that you and John Miller and I ask the Lord to move upon a with the gift of prophecy? And how at the very next service where we sang and preached, the Lord gave one of us a prophecy for the whole church. The pastor came up afterwards and said the Lord gave him the identical prophecy, but told him to wait for one of us to deliver it! I am so amazed and happy to see how God continued utilizing this gift in your life, marriage, and minister for all of these decades. And though I’ve been a Psychologist for these forty years, I see and hear the same thing from God that He has revealed to you.


  19. Avatar
    Deborah Woodward

    I believe Australia is under judgement for selling its God given country and assets to a communist country china has persecuted christian and Australia had said nothing.May we in Australia turn back to God and repent that He may heal our land .That all men will see His Hand.in this And give Him glory

  20. Avatar

    PTL for the incredible vision. Amen to this Passover- Blood of The Lamb to Passover the coronavirus; & The Resurrected Life of Jesus to bring Healing to the nations.
    Shalom to you and family & ministry.

  21. Avatar

    Amen!!! Wow. My prayer is the Messianic community in America would wake up and stop trying to be so rabbinic. I love Jewish tradition as I am Jewish but not at the expense of the Holy Spirit. Instead of trying to fix Messianic Jewish issues orthopractically my hope is we focus on promoting Yeshua and not ourselves or our “brand.”

  22. Avatar

    we Messianic Americans are so encouraged by what The LORD is doing through you all in Israel….despite what many say, we Jewish Americans love Israel and believe we are the great exodus told of in Jeremiah, our time is still to be spent here for HIS reasons….SHALOM SHABBAT SHALOM

  23. Avatar
    Bronwyn Poulton

    Wonderful vision! Yeshua is highlighting for us the importance of this feast of Passover and its emphasis on the blood of the lamb for salvation and healing! How it helps us to pray that scales fall from eyes this season and many have a revelation of Yeshua as Saviour and Lord and come into the Kingdom! He is both the sacrificial lamb and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah sitting enthroned on the Temple Mount. “As for me, I have set my King on Zion, my holy hill.” Psalm 2:6

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