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8 thoughts on “Prayers for Repentance Should Focus Nations on This Big Sin”

  1. Thank you for highlighting this. Amen. It has always struck me as a breech in our diplomacy, to say we support Israel but desire to divide her land… I’ll make a point to pray for our government in this regard.

  2. Shalom, thank you for this email, I have been praying for years for repentance of these sins , and continue to pray for revelation to be given to the church about this, time is short, let those who have an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit of God is saying in this hour. Blessings, Yvonne.

  3. Catherine Primer

    Thank you. I visited Israel in 2019 on a tour. Thus I am more keenly aware of Israel and God’s agenda for her. I want to understand more and your prayer insights helps me greatly.

  4. Thank you Rick and Patricia for your great love for the Lord and His heart for Israel and the Nations. Your heart of intercession and astuteness to hear the Lord and guide and instruct nations into His righteousness is very timely and necessary! We are grateful for your stewardship and diligence. God bless you richly with more prophetic intercession with revelation. Agape

  5. Amen – please forgive us Lord for missing your divine plans and purposes for the nation of Israel (your firstborn). Please forgive us (especially in the western church) for allowing replacement theology into our beliefs systems. I ask in that all nations of the world would repent of this sin and then release a blessing for Israel.

    In Jesus name

    Thank you Rick and Patricia for this post. I was in Succatt Hallel in February. (Before the lock down). It was such a joy to worship Jesus in Jerusalem. Such a powerful sense of presence in Succat Hallel – keep the fires burning!
    Sending Love from UK

  6. Dear Rick and Patricia, Thank you for this.
    We completely agree.
    Jenny Hagger has sent it out to the Australian House of Prayer for all Nations’ team, and it will also be used as we begin to set up the 24/7 South Pacific House of Prayer.
    With love and blessings,
    Cynthia & Andrew Lothian.

  7. Brian and Anne Nelson

    As South African citizens we deeply acknowledge and own our national guilt as a nation before You, O’ Holy Almighty G-d of Yisrael for not praying for The Peace of Yerusalayim as a Command in Psalm 122 : 6,7.

    We ask for Your forgivessness in our Churches who invoke and believe in Replacement Theology.

    We seek Your Face in deep repentance for blatantly and openly not standing Biblically with Your Nation, Yisrael and Your People, The Jewish People.

    We beseech You to hear our prayers, and to turn the people of South Africa back to You, O’ Most Holy G-d, and to bless Yisrael and The Jewish People; Genesis 12, 2,3.

    We thank You for our Chief Justice Mogeng Mogeng, who prays for The Peace of Yerusalayim, obeys Your Word and loves You. Please protect him and all his precious Family. There are others.

    Zechariah 4 : 6,7

    I (Anne) am very privileged and humbled to have visited Yisrael on a number of occasions, and also Succat Hallel. My husband has also visited Yisrael. He has a daughter and her husband who live in Yisrael.

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