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19 thoughts on “The Epic Spiritual Battle in This World”

  1. Greetings: Shalom! That is what I heard by hearing your words this morning Mr Rick. The battle has been intense. I hear peace be still and know that I am God! That is what the Holy Spirit is saying. Thank you brother Ridings for being so faithful. Barbara Atlanta, Ga.

  2. Thank you for releasing these visions, prayer and direction from Our Lord. The Lord bless you in Jerusalem as you stand your watch, enthrowne Him with praise. I so miss being there with you. Yet, I am forever connected with you by Holy Spirit.

  3. A pleasant aroma arises each time I turned on the word released.!!
    Believe the LORD is really standing by the word released at this critical hour.
    Thank you Rick for being obedient n alert in the Spirit to summon prayer vigil.
    Shalom to all

  4. Thank you for sharing this vision, as an intercessor I am declaring Isaiah 47 over Ireland here. So blessed to hear the vision the Lord gave. I say Amen n Amen.

  5. Shalom
    Pastor Rick,
    Thanks for sharing as we pray in agreement for USA.

    In Singapore the Word of God came to me when I was praying:

    “Help the man at your right hand, the son of man you made strong for yourself. (Donald J Trump)
    Then we won’t turn away from you — if you revive us, we will call on your name.
    ADONAI, God of armies, restore us! ( USA)
    Make your face shine, and we will be saved.” Amen
    ‭‭Tehillim (Psa)‬ ‭80:18-20‬ ‭CJB‬‬

    We declare God’s Word over America Presidential election

    Glory to God almighty
    Pastor Anna Fung

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  6. A very timely encounter with the Lord yes in agreement with prayer and proclamations
    Patricia New Zealand
    Blessings and shalom

  7. Dear brother Rick,

    Thank you for sharing your timely word and vision. I was blessed by this vision that stretches the entire globe. With the attention so much towards the USA these days, I am aware of other battlegrounds like Communist China in the east and the world economic forum in Europe. Their plans for a global reset sound very much like a spiders web. Thank you for this encouraging word. God is uniting His people all over the globe in prayer and intercession. Let the Lion of Judah roar.

  8. We greatly appreciate the prayers and intercession from all over the world for our beloved America. The vision you shared Rick is an encouragement and we are standing firm in prayer and with the words of our mouth and the meditation of our heart. Bless you brother!

  9. I see a war and a wedding feast coming. It’s not all going to be about war, but about those who are chosen to meet the Lord through the cross of Jesus Christ, having a great feast as well.

  10. Your word of Davidic tent in Jerusalem, continuing aliyah, is very encouraging!! We had snow here in Maine USA on Jan.27 & I was amazed to see flakes of Star of David shape, first on my cleared porch rail, then seen to be everywhere!
    I felt very blessed in a personal way! Even as thus far our election seems to have been corrupted , it is clear that our God is in control & will reveal truth but more importantly bring revival, one by one, as more of us pray & obey.
    “In that day I will restore…”(Amos 9:11).

  11. Hello brethren …. The quote from brother Ridings’ exhortation on Hannukah / U.S. electoral college of Dec 14 ……… Praying against the secular humanism of the Democrats prevailing – ” that they are to promote the values of secular humanism, the worship of money, the worship of fame, the worship of sexuality, the worship of sports, the worship of the human body, all of these man-centered kinds of things ”

    To imply that all these things are only embodied by the Democrats , rather than Trump himself ( as the apotheosis of many of these cultural
    factors ) … is a kind of spiritual blindness evidentiary of the Babylon spider casting a web over your understanding ( leading to a false hope of Trump as Solomon , Biden as Adonijah )

    I have a lot of respect for you, but you need to ‘come out of Babylon ‘ viz-a-viz your false view of Trump. It is the height of secular humanism to look toward a man in office , as a “deliverer ” while at the same time saying ” we have no king but Jesus “

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