Rick Ridings: The Lion of Judah, Jerusalem and the Nations

Rick Ridings: The Lion of Judah, Jerusalem and the Nations

March 11, 2018 | last modified July 19, 2018



The Lion of Judah, Jerusalem and the Nations:

A Vision Received by Rick Ridings in Jerusalem

January 30, 2018

As we were worshipping in Succat Hallel, I saw the majesty and sovereignty of the Lion of Judah, as He sat on a Throne above the Temple Mount.  He was so perfectly calm, so absolutely in control.  He had been watching for a long time to the North, South, East, and West as thousands of small demons had been frantically building wooden bridges to Jerusalem. 

At the end of each bridge was a siege ramp to take Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. One bridge began from the UN Headquarters in New York City. Another began at the European Union buildings in Brussels, and passed through Geneva on its way to Jerusalem.  Another bridge had been built from Moscow, another from Ankara (Turkey), yet another from Tehran (Iran).  But the most recent bridge had been built from Pretoria (South Africa), extending the whole length of the continent of Africa through Egypt to Jerusalem. Every bridge ended with a siege ramp against Jerusalem.

Suddenly, the Lion of Judah arose, and in a stately manner came down steps from His Throne.  On each side of the steps were six smaller lions. As He roared, they also roared.  [As I prayed later about this I felt they represented “governmental intercessors” from the six inhabited continents that had learned to discern and synchronize with the roar of the Lion of Judah].

Then Lion of Judah used His paw to swiped at one siege ramp after another.  Each of the siege ramps was destroyed, delaying and setting back the demonic strategy.  As He roared, I saw above him the words: “NOT YET”.  Then, He continued to calmly pace, circling the Temple Mount, and guarding over Jerusalem.

Then, higher in the heavens, I saw a highway that was strong and unshakable (as opposed to the demonic bridges that were built of wood).  These heavenly highways came from the four directions of the ends of the earth towards Jerusalem. These highways fed into a diamond shaped beltway that surrounded the region described in Isaiah 19 including Egypt, the area of the old Assyrian Empire (most of the present Middle East), and Israel; but also Greece.

The Lion was seated on His Throne again, and watching as thousands of angels were descending from this heavenly highway to visit houses of prayer and altars from which they gathered burning coals and incense of worship and prayer, which they put into buckets.  They then ascended back onto the highway, and travelled towards Jerusalem.

The angels streamed towards Jerusalem, and poured the burning coals and incense of worship and prayer onto a four-horned altar of incense, which was in front of the Throne.  The Lion of Judah once again sat on the Throne.

The smoke from this altar of incense went out over this entire region.  This smoke blinded the eyes of the demons that had been building their highways towards Jerusalem.  The demons were thrown into confusion and started fighting one another.  Then sections of the wooden bridges the demons had been building began to crumble and fall.  I sensed that their communications were scrambled, and the demonic work on these highways to Jerusalem and siege ramps suffered a severe delay, which would require much time to rebuild.

The only demonic wooden bridge which was not just damaged, but totally destroyed, was the one from Pretoria, South Africa, which ran from there across the African continent to Egypt.  I saw a throne of the Lord that then appeared above the executive government building in Pretoria, South Africa.

As the smokescreen from the incense spread out over the Isaiah 19 region,

altars of worship and prayer (houses of prayer) were multiplied and built up across Egypt, the Middle East, and Israel.

The Lion of Judah then motioned towards gates in heavens, marked with the names of certain chapters of biblical prophecy, which when they were opened, indicated the beginning of the time of their fulfilment.  I saw specifically gates that had been opened earlier, such as Amos 9 and Isaiah 19.  But now the Lion of Judah used His paw to push open the gate named “Ezekiel 36”. This passage is primarily prophesying to the “mountains of Israel”. This area corresponds almost exactly to biblical Judea and Samaria, which are today often referred to as the “West Bank”.   Ezekiel 36 also prophesies the spiritual restoration of Israel after a significant physical restoration has already taken place.

In all of this, I was overwhelmed by the great majesty and peace of the Lion of Judah, Who was so at rest in His absolute sovereignty, and so absolutely in control.  It was clear that the demonic realm does not determine the “times and seasons”, but He Who is seated on the Throne sets the ”times and seasons”.  May we not only see what is happening in the “second heavens” of the demonic realm, but also see from the “third heaven” perspective what the Sovereign Lord God Almighty is doing.

Rick Ridings


Succat Hallel 24/7 House of Prayer overlooking the Temple Mt. in Jerusalem

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