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36 thoughts on “Know This Rich Vision of Africa’s “Josephs””

  1. I’m so so inspired by this prophecy, especially now that I come from African. there’s Greater hope for us to prepare in Africa.

  2. This prophetic message for Africa is so True, it is confirming what The Lord Has also given me to se that Aftica awakens, they have everything, they have to unite and reason together to keep these said 2 enslaved away and administrate Africa tin unity hrough Godly counsel, which comes only after Revival has taken place, thereafter will be Godly leadership and africa shall be saved /Restored. So this prophetic Word from the Man of God Rick Ridings is so Real, l pray that Africa opens their hearts to Receive The their Messiah

  3. Asiimwe Jocelyn

    This is very lifting, enough is enough, we have been slaves and now God is delivering us. Thank you for being faithful to God

    1. Powerful insight here, Am from Uganda and I surely attest to this prophecy. Everything you’ve said is already happening here!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing what the Lord gives to you. These two entities – China and Islam WILL NOT prevail!

  5. May this vision become true! My grandgrandfather was a missionary in Ghana.
    He had a Parrott, a singing bird. His song was “Jesus is my confidence”. He was the only one who
    did this. The family left the faith. But I was told about the singing bird who became my missionary.
    And I repented and will pray for this vision, to become true for Africa. God bless this nation which has suffered so long
    in slavery, because of the sinful replacement theology which was a co-worker for economie .
    Africa needs the teaching of messianic people. Faith should never be bussiness

    1. May the God of Jacob raise the Josephs on the Continent of Africa to lead people in the fear of God.

  6. This is 100% accurate and completely aligns with a dream I had years ago after volunteering in Jerusalem at Elav conference 2010. 100% spot on! Wow.

  7. Do you have this letter in French? Wold be happy.
    In November 2018 I had a very strong “talk “ where the Lord did talk about Joseph and a golden key.
    Wold like to speak in French. Could be interesting.
    The Lord confirmed it again in the prayer room Ir David in December 2018.
    For me writhing is most hard. I never really learned English.

  8. Musobozi Samson

    Yeah, praise be to the almighty God, I live in Africa Uganda. The revelation seems familiar to the situation in this lamp. As you may be aware we are in lockdown as by covid 19 for a month plus, all worship places and public places are shut. We have 76 case, 48 are recovered and 0 death. And now we have been rated the first in Africa with big numbers of testing of covid 19. We know it well that Gods gracious hand has seen us this far. I truly believe that God has a bigger plan for this country.

  9. Shalom brethren,
    I thank God for this vision since He has not forgotten Africa. Let”s pray for fulfilment of what He has promised because He is not human that He should lie, not human being that He can change his mind.

  10. I always had a heart for Africa and truly hope that something will change there. It’s the year 400 since the slavery to America. However though the vision shows a young man, maybe it will be a mixture of older experienced mature disciples and young dynamic Josephs rather than only young ones.

  11. Prof John Francis Mugisha

    I am praying that this vision comes true; that God may use many of us in Africa as Josephs to lead his people into prosperity; and especially use our universities to know him and serve his people more and better. I am in leadership of one African University and commit to producing Josephs that are truly committed to God’s will, wisdom and community service.. May the God of Israel give me his grace to fulfill this. Amen.

  12. Aviva Slomich

    May the vision came to fruition. May the chains of the wicked be no more. Arise beautiful nations in mother Africa. May no more thieves still your oil, gold and natural resources.

  13. Brian and Anne Nelson

    Yesterdy, was Day of Prayer for Africa; Monday, 25th May, 2020. As South Africans we thank our Almighty G-d that we have some in leadership who are godly. This vision most certainly includes South Africa. We believe The African Continent needs South Africa; I share this humbly. However, right now we are experiencing darkness during the Covid-19 lockdown. Please pray that our leaders would wholeheartedly return to The Lord J-sus Christ, that our people who are starving and suffering abuse of men, women, children and animals would be freed, that our people would seek His Gift of Repentance, and cry out for Love, Mercy and Justice.
    We are praying the Holy Scriptures that the walls of unrighteousness will fall in the Mighty Name of our Almighty G-d, that South Africa will bless Israel. Please, dear Heavenly Father, arise over South Africa. We are a desperately wicked and evil people, and we have forsaken our First Love, Messiah Jesus/Y-shua Hamashiach of Nazareth, and King of The Jews.

    May the mighty G-dly men of South Africa arise, take their G-dly role as Prophet, Priest and King of their households and lead this beautiful land back to our Almighty G-d for His Glory and Honour alone !

    As Father Angus said:: – “South Africa belongs to Messiah Jesus !!!!! – (my own paraphrase)

    Lastly, thank you, dear L-rd Jesus Christ for the bounteous rain that You have so graciously sent over the last 24 hours over The Western Cape.

    Thank you for your prayers,
    Blessings and Shalom,
    Brian and Anne

  14. Patrick Jacob Kifamulusi

    Am Patrick Jacob in Uganda. Just came across this ministry yesterday and am so uplifted and greatly enlightened . You saw president Museven holding the key before other president’s who were around..Israel PM came to Uganda and asked Uganda to open our embassy in Jerusalem.I think if Uganda takes this step otherAfrican countries will follow May the Lord bring it to fulfillment. Amen.

  15. So amazing to read this as I read a book many years ago on the influence of China in Africa! They will take young men and trained them, but only if they do not become followers of Jesus……Battle for Africa, is the name of the book!
    Worth reading!!!

  16. There is a Godly Renaissance taking place in Africa and God is indeed raising His people to steer this great continent in the right direction. Blessed to be a part of the generation that will witness this move of God.

  17. From Jerusalem: we bless the African peoples and pray and declare in the name of Yeshua HaMeshiach, that you be delivered from every trace of slavery and neo-slavery, economic servitude and neo-colonialism. May the God of Israel and the nations indeed raise up the Josephs among you to stand against the ancient gods of Egypt, ushering in a spiritual and material revival which will spill over the borders of Africa, even to the very ends of the earth – that the name of Almighty God be lifted up and highly exalted.

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