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20 thoughts on “How to Pray for the Israeli Elections”

  1. Graça Santos Schäfer

    Bin in Brasilien geboren. Meine Wurzeln sind jüdisch…
    Ich lebe in Deutschland.
    Ich glaube fest an Jesus unser Herr… Beten sie für mich… Shalom.

    1. For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace, And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, And her salvation as a lamp that burns. Is 62:1

  2. Thank you so much for your prophetic prayers that are filling the bowls of intercession for beloved Israel.

  3. Shanuka Elangasekere

    Very profound and specific guidance.. Many intercessors from Sri Lanka are praying for Israel… Ancient Sri Lankan port is also called Tarshish also Cinnamon, moonstone, peacocks and even gold came from Sri Lanka.. An ancient name given for Sri Lanka in Old maps was also Orphir..So I believe Lord is regathering his dispersed sons even from distand Islands according to Jeremiah 31:10.. May the North, west and South and East give up the sons and daughters of Israel.

  4. Honoured to stand with you in prayer for Eretz Yisrael from the ends of the earth, Australia & New Zealand.
    Let it be so, according to His good and perfect will. May His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. For His glory and His Kingdom and for His Name sake, YHVH, asking all these things in the name of our beautiful saviour Yahshua Ha Machiach, Amein Shalom shalom

  5. Thank you Rick. This prayer guide for elections is so helpful.
    Isaiah 2:3 has been coming to me recently

  6. Dear Ps. Rick
    Standing with you & all intercessors across the 4 corners of the globe, in intercessory prayers for our greatly Beloved Nation of Israel, the 🍎 Apple & Pupil of God’s Eyes. His divine perfect will be done in this magnificent land, as we travail in prayer. Thank you so much for the prayer guidelines, which we will proclaim 🙏🇮🇱🙏.as well as the 4th wave of Aliyah. God bless you & Patricia mightily ♥️

  7. Could you as Well give a View on.the topic of the vaccination and ..If that is meant to be to vaccinate all of Israel?? Shalom

  8. Christine Martha

    Thank you, Rick. So helpful! We declare a cleansing out of the leaven in Israel of all that hinders the proclamation of the Gospel. Let a new administration come into place that gives freedom to the Body of Christ. Give the Body boldness Lord, to move into this change and bring in a Harvest!

  9. Bernhard Schwarz

    We pray that Aliyah laws will be changed so that even messianic Jews can return to the land. We are among those who could make Aliyah if it were possible . We pray that You Adonai raise up men of wisdom in the department that deals with Aliyah …bring just change into this department .

  10. Thank you Pr for the Prayer guide for Isreal urgent alert for Election tomorrow.Spirit filled believers body of Christ will stand with you and intercede for Isreal’s Election.God’s wonderful divine will be fulfill and be done.God ‘s peace remain forever in Isreal.

  11. Father, thank you for saving Israel and gathering them from the nations, that they may give thanks to Your holy name and glory in Your praise. What a blessing to stand in agreement for Israel and her elections. Praise be to You, Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting!

  12. Thank you for these prayer guidelines. Praying through the scriptures relating to sweeping out the ‘Egyptian Pharoah spirit’ from the Government; asking for the good and the bad to be revealed, I had a strong impression of the wheat and the tares being allowed to grow together, but in the last days, the tares being pulled up and flung on the fire before the harvest is taken in.

  13. Thank you Mr. Rick and your wife Patricia for being obedient to the call of prayer ..Because of your obedience the Lord!s will is being established . I am humbled that I can share my part as a partner in this wonderful ministry and get a glimse of what is to come. I am agreeing with your prayers. Shalom! Barbara Atlanta, Ga.

  14. Thank you for the prayer guide. Eight of us in Sri Lanka daily pray from 4.00amt0 5.30am and wind up our prayer with praying for Israel. We are in debt and compelled to pray for Israel for we are redeemed and the Salvation came through Jews – JESUS ,
    all the Spiritual blessings and Eternity. May the Lord fulfil His promise
    in Hosea 14 : 4 – 7
    John Isaiah

  15. Thelma Thank you for your help in praying for Israel. I feel
    more equipped with God’s word To-day it is 15th May – Israel
    can do with continued help so I am pleased to have some references.
    God Bless you. thelmawood@talktalk.net

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