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11 thoughts on “Discerning the Times in the World and Four Dimensional Chess”

  1. Thanks for this great encouragement as we pray.
    We look toward Jerusalem; we value deeply your leadership as intercessors
    together with other faithful intercessory ministries in Israel.
    Great to see Is19:19 onwards coming into focus & fulfillment.
    We look forward to the leading of our Australian Aboriginal leaders
    leading the Solemn Assembly this 26&27 Sep- on our face often. Rebellious
    Melbourne & Victoria is coming into its ordained place of leadership amongst the States of Australia following a prolonged lockdown- disciplining the ekklesia.

  2. Awesome, Rick! This explains the UAE & Bahrain normalizing relations w/ Israel, & others moving embassies to Jerusalem. Thank you for your updates. As the veil between the natural & the spiritual gets thinner, I feel it most important to discern what God is doing. Its a different perspective.

  3. Dear Succath Hallel,.
    I wisited your prayer house a few years ago. I met brother Rick and Patricia when he visted Budapest and also at an early prayer journey of TJCII of which I am heading up in Hungary. I am very blessed by the special anointing on your ministry.
    Many blessings

  4. Yes! Now is a vital time for Christians to take hold of the fact that we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principaities and powers in this dark world – we must take hold of the authority we have been given through the blood of Christ and defeat Satan – God’s will be done! Amen

  5. What an awesome God we serve. What an amazing season when just reading the headlines of the daily news, confirms the work of the kingdom of God and our King. Praise you mighty God, your Kingdom come Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  6. “In prayer we can prevent the demonic plans to pull Africa into slavery to the Chinese Communist Party, to Islamic oil money, and to anti-Israel alignments.”
    Talking about Africa, Nigeria in particular has sold itself into neocolonial slavery in the hand of Britain from past and recently China. Islam is on a very high well-planned secret jihad already against christians in the country while the Islamic banks are taking over the economy through loans! Nigeria and her government now is totally ANTI – ISRAEL and ANTI – TRUMP. The ONLY WAY NOW is to pray for the emergence of BIAFRA NATION IN SOUTHERN NIGERIA to form a strong alliance with Israel and America.Then, from that base deliver Africa from Islamic jihad and worldwide terrorism.

    Diplomatically, Israel should start investing in the south east Nigeria and raising up strong religious and economic ties.

  7. Hi Rick,
    Thank you for your update! Discerning the times, in this world/ four Dimensional chess! We shall continue to the pursue the Fathers heart, into intercession, seeking the words of the Holy Spirit, through the word, in these times!!!
    Jesus is indeed LORD over the nations!!!

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