A Vision of a Spider Web, Nations, and Leaders

A Vision of a Spider Web, Nations, and Leaders

July 19, 2018 | last modified August 6, 2018

Received by Rick Ridings in Jerusalem | 29 May, 2018

As we were worshipping in Succat Hallel, I once again saw Yeshua (Jesus) as the Lion of Judah on a throne hovering above the Temple Mount.

He was watching a spider web that had been spun over the nations.  Ruling over the spider web was a huge queen spider with a crown, reigning from Babylon.  She controlled smaller spiders that were drawing on witchcraft to form web lines of unholy alliances and systems.

These spiders would then capture leaders of nations and world cities, and encase them with a substance that blinded them, bringing them into deception. The Earth was becoming darker and darker under the influence of this giant web.

Suddenly, the Lion came down the steps and roared.  When he did, the smaller lions (governmental intercessors) on the steps of His throne also roared.  The Lion of Judah then began to use His paw to swipe and destroy huge sections of this global spiders web.

Then I once more saw the Throne above the Temple Mount.  This time Yeshua was manifested as the Lamb, and He had blood pouring from His neck.  Angels took some of the blood in bowls.  They then went throughout the earth, looking for believers who were humbling themselves and interceding on behalf of their land and its leaders and who were worshipping the Lamb.  In response to these prayers, the angels would pour a drop of the Lamb’s blood on one of the little spiders, who then sizzled and evaporated.

When the spider was killed, then the blindfold on many leaders was unwrapped over a period of time. Other leaders who did not repent, were replaced.  However, a  few leaders who did not repent were left in place.

I felt the Lord was saying that:

This is a season of mercy during which leaders of nations and cities can be set free from webs and systems of control.  Some will humble themselves, and will glorify Me like Nebuchadnezzar did at the end of his seven years of chastisement. Others will harden heart their hearts like Pharaoh. This is a season for the realignment of the nations.

Angels were then sent from Throne to lay highways of light that were aligning many with the Lamb and His throne.  From a higher view, this looked like a satellite map, that shows the lights of the more develop nations at night.

The highways of light came through the “David’s Harp Bridge” in Jerusalem towards His throne.  These new highways were like a new web with lines of light and blessing.  Then I saw highways of light develop between those nations that had responed to the Lord in such a way that they had a highway of light to Jerusalem.

I even saw highways of light develop in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Unted Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

I noticed that, contrary to present satellite photos, some of the areas of greatest light were in some of poorest nations.

I saw great light in most of the small islands of Pacific and in Australia.

I saw areas of light in sub Saharan Africa, Southeast Africa, in the America’s in those nations that were aligning with the government of God and His choice of Jerusalem.

In Europe, I saw the greatest amount of light over certain nations of Eastern Europe.

Then, in Jerusalem, it was as if a dimmer switch gradually turned up the light, which became brighter and brighter over Jerusalem.  The Lamb was shining like a Lamp and was the source of this increasing light in Jerusalem.

Yeshua, manifested as the Lamb, then used His hoof to open a heavenly door to begin the season of the fulfillment of Isaiah 60 and its prophecies over Jerusalem.

Just then the worship leader sang a song about us being washed in the blood of the Lamb, and that we give glory and honor unto the Lamb.

Received and submitted by Rick Ridings

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