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47 thoughts on “What God is Saying About the Coronavirus”

  1. Susan Wiesmann (Switzerland)

    Many thanks for these VERY encouraging words! What we see in the world today is surely what God says in Haggai 2:6-7 and quoted in Hebrews 12:26. We in great need of prophetic voices today who give us more than good (even biblical) advice on a superficial level.

    1. Ann Simpson Brown

      Thank you for sharing this wonderful message.. I’m so grateful to the Lord for allowing me to be part of His end time purposes. During the past year, the Lord has compelled me to ‘pray in’ the nations of the world, as His heart aches for them to know His compassion and mercy. May the Father bless you, and keep you and continually shine His face upon you. Shalom.

  2. Thank you so much for strenghtening us in this time of shaking everything that can be shaken.
    Each morning when the Lord is awaking me he has somethingto educate our mostardseedhouse. to trust him without seeing.
    It is very helpful to see how Yehua is working with others, building us up in trusting him day by day.
    We need to be corrected. The most sensitive is our tongue to overcome chaos with his Shalom in our hearts

  3. Elizabeth Axton

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Jesus said, “watch and pray” and the ultimate message is that we need to be mindful of everything and to be trusting and not to give into the fear of the world. God knows how to look after and protect His people.

  4. We are praying as in our country everyone is scared that this corona virus well get to us. We are in the gap for God to remember Kenya as there are many horrible things happening. Pray with us.

  5. Julianne Kessler

    The Words of the Lord give such order and therefore peace. Thank you for your abandoned life to the Father in Christ name. Encouragement and confidence to be in unity with the Word of God is so critical and humbling. Thank you as you continue to seek our Father, we join you in praise unto God as we abide in Christ Jesus.

  6. Andrew Korinihona

    Very powerful, encouraging affirmations of the truth & sovereignty of our Lord Yeshua, our Saviour and soon coming King. All Glory to God. May His Kingdom come, May His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

  7. Ensemble prions pour la gloire de D. Et le salut de nos bien aimés. Merci Seigneur
    Merci Saint Esprit.
    Que cette oeuvre reste sous Sa main.

    1. its’ so encouraging to see french-speaking believers!
      praying, may power from heaven, love, and self-control be poured out on our homes, so that the spirit of fear would be overwhelmed and drowned out in the name of Yeshua!!!

  8. It’s great to be a part of a intercessors and get a prophetic message from over the world in this last days

    We are as one as a part of His Bodies

    His Kongdom Come and His Will Be Done

  9. Thank you for defining God’s heart between the shakings, we are going from glory to glory between them. Hallelujah ???????

  10. Yes. Our Lord is in control of everything though it may seem negative in the natural. But it is the eternal purpose of our Lord that really matters, that is to bring in the harvest of souls for His eternal Kingdom. Amen and amen !

  11. As I watch/listen to the propogation of fear about this virus, I give thanks that I can stand on the promises of Psalm 91 and know that the Lord is in control.

  12. Very much appreciated! The Lord confirmed this to me and has told me of the destruction of denominations, the recreation of the geographic church and the emergence of the end times army of the Lord that will evangelize the whole world before his return.

  13. Thank you for in these last days, we need to discern what God is doing cos there are too many voices out there.

  14. Elgonda Brunkhorst

    Keeping you all in prayer and trusting everyone will receive abundant health and healing from the Tree of Life, because Yeshua is our Life, and not be side-tracked from the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

  15. Thank you for your Succat Hallelujah updates. We pray for you in Jerusalem and your updates are a help to us.

  16. Karen Gascoigne

    It was wonderful to visit Succat Hallel in 2018 to join in worship and prayer. Standing with you in prayer now from the UK!
    Your book on houses of prayer is so helpful, carrying anointing snd wisdom plus so many testimonies to thank the Lord for. Blessings

  17. How very true, I am in the UK and we have had many shakings, I had a dream one night just before our last election I was looking our the window with some of the children from our shul, my husband was speaking to them bout the rainbow we could see, I saw a huge fireball coming straight at me, we ducked and the fireball crashed into building behind me, I fearfully asked what iit had hit and a voice told me it was Westminister, the next day Boris Johnson disbanded our Parliament and since tthen chaos has reigned here in the UK

  18. Beatrice “Bea” Márquez

    Thanks Rick for the the word Lord has given you. For years now He has given me a word or words for the new year. This years words were: signs, wonders and miracles. Also, as a prophetic artist He inspired me to paint harvest panting, and another of His glory hitting the earth! What an awesome and wonderful God we serve, His wonders to perform, amen!

    PS. Tell Patricia hello for me. God bless you both and your family.

  19. Brilliant prophetic word . So encouraging. We prayed into it at Bible College of Wales today.
    God bless you
    From Elaine

  20. Bonjours en 2016 j’ai prophétiser dans mon Eglise que 2018 serai le début des douleurs et que 2020 serai une année terrible malheureusement rien n’a changer
    Que DIEU bénisse SON EGLISE

  21. Brian and Anne Nelson

    In the midst of the storm, He is central. Thank you so very much Pastor Rick for clearly hearing our Almighty G-d and being a light to follow Him and walk in Ways. May Messiah Yeshua be glorified !

    It is always humbling and a great privilege to worship at Succat Hallel.

  22. Hallelujah our Lord and Saviour is in control. I’m humbled as I agree and partner with you and our heavenly Father in prayer for His Kingdom to be established on the earth as it is in heaven. I’m thankful for our Father does all things well. We’ll partner together to bring in the harvest. I pray that his grace abound in our lives.

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