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17 thoughts on “A Vision: Governmental Glory and the Restraining of Evil”

  1. Here is the prayer I have bern given to pray for last two weeks. Your vision has so encourages me in Jesus. Thank you for your obedience to our Lord for His honor.

    How excellent are You our Father God Who has called this nation to be Your fulcrum!
    You are the God of order over all the nations , movement is happening for Your glory. You are the only God that has been or ever will be ,You are the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and Your government is on Jesus’s shoulders. Horizontal Justice and vertical Righteousness and where they intersect is the essence of the cross. There the aroma of the cross is to go to the 4 corners of America then to the world, the zeal of the Lord will accomplish this!
    I shout to the heavens Father,
    Justice you have turned back and are to continue to cover the district of Columbia, all govt buildings and God’s appointed people, the 50 states and God’s seeking children.

    Righteousness you have come nearer and will continue to in the same areas as Justice has turned back, and Truth you are standing in the streets and will contine to as Justice and Rigjteousness prevail all for God’s glory and endtime purpose and You Lord ate lifting this nation up as Your fulcrum by the zeal of the Lord in the midst of the storm. You are using what the devil would use for evil, You are using for good and to proclaim Your higher endtime purposes to reveal.Your order as you are clearing Your threshing floor !

    All is prayed in Jesus powerful name as He is upholding, maintaining and propelling Your universe to Your honor. Amen

    1. Ann Simpson Brown

      Blessingss honour glory & power belong to our God who sits upon the throne, and unto the lamb . Righteousness & justice are the foundation of His throne. He will be exalted in the heavens above and on the earth below. He will fulfil all that He has promised. He is faithful in all His words & gracious in all His deeds. We, His people, bow down & worship Him the one true God , as we see strongholds come down and every high thing that exalts itself against the Lord most high. demolished in the name above all names Yeshua HaMachiach.Praise the Lord for His prophets who guide & direct His people to pray more effectively to bring His purposes & plans to fruition.. Many thanks .Shalom.

  2. Alinda Gilbert Ezra

    Indeed let all oppression be restrained in Jesus name. I have longed for freedom for a long time

  3. I pray that the Lord will put a restraining order upon the Government of Kaduna State and all evil leaders who are involved in the killing of innocent children, mothers and even men in Nigeria especially Southern Kaduna, because they are Christians.May a restraining yoke come upon everyone trying to use violence to Islamize Southern Nigeria in the victorious name of YESHUA HAMASHIYA!

  4. Christina Oertli Zurich

    Dear Rick, yes, this words gives me peace and strength ! Thanks to the Almighty, Loving GOD !

    June 4, 2020 I saw the kings-shoes of Jesus on the Temple Mout. The shoes were beautifully decorated with gold and precious stones. Then I saw Jesus as King stay on the Temple Mount. More and more appears the royal dress till the whole Jesus as King is visible.

    It’s meaning , that the royale rule of Jesus is becoming more and more visible ?
    Shalom Christina

  5. Many thanks for this. Will study and pray over today. Every blessing to you in the name of Yeshua. Ian.

  6. Pauline Thornhill

    Thank you for sharing God’s heart , vision and authority of Yeshua and we believe in the authority that Jesus gave to His Body of believers on this earth as He is Lord of lords and the King of kings. A few days back I was led by the Spirit of God to get out the book “ Issuing Divine Restraining Orders from the Courts of Heaven. By Dr. Francis Myles. And I was amazed at the goodness of Our God to revealed to me new revelation knowledge regarding divine restraining orders from Heaven. Thank you so much again for teaching and helping us to know our authority in our spheres of authority . We thank Our Heavenly Father for His Word and Yeshua who is the Word for giving us His authority. God blessed you and your family superabundantly.

  7. I have been praying God would stretch forth His Mighty Right Hand and remove the evil,and that He would subdue it.Also for governors and president.

  8. Brian and Anne Nelson

    Great encouragement to perserve in prayer and intercession for His Governmental authority to come into all spheres of earthly government under The Banner of The Lamb

  9. There was so much darkness and confusion! I even dyed my hair from white to red to black! The symbolisms of what I wore on my head. They were so confused too! They kept some thrones of evil for future purposes, but the rest of their places of power were in complete confusion. Where we began to restrain them, very demonic powers, the anarchy, the anti Christ, the dragon, the war – wow those were exactly the things that were restrained in that time too! Jesus protected and aligned me more fully. He did specifically go over the cornerstone as well. I laid it all down, and I almost died! But now am at a spot where my peace for now is what Christ has already done.

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