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16 thoughts on “Prophetic Prayer Direction for 2023”

  1. Rick and Patty,
    Love these prayer points. Most of them, including the scriptures, confirm what Holy Spirit has revealed to Prayer Net in recent years. We will use all your prayer points to start the new year 2023!
    Thank you for your leadership and faithfulness!
    Prayer Net Founder
    Phyllis Garrett

  2. Shabbat Shalom Rick and Patty!

    🕯 🕯 🎶 🕊🕊

    I am planning on coming to Jerusalem soon. My favorite place is your prayer house in Yerushaliam. I want to bring a youngster and his mother, they’ve had a lot of struggles. Pray for this family, his name is Yuhudah. He is my favorite person on earth! 🌍 They lost their baby girl to a fentanyl overdose and human trafficking. I really want to come there to pray and bring them for healing.

    That will be my first stop, I have a lot of respect for you and your ministry and the accuracy of your words resonate with my spirit.

    The ancient wars were won by sound not by guns. I’m finding the shofar is very effective. Tikkun Olam ☀️ 🌍 ❤️ 🌳

    God bless you and your wife Patty, looking forward to praying with you.

    Katy McDowell

  3. Sam & Chong Allen

    Thank you for sharing your heart for Jerusalem and the world. All believers
    should be defenders of the the faith. The enemy always aims at “the precious ones”.
    We join hearts with Gods army in contending for the unborn, the children and our brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us stand strong this year in praise, worship and prayer for all nations. The Kingdom Of Heaven has suffered violence, but with God
    we are able to go up and take the country, we are more than conquerors and we
    Let God arise!
    With kindness of heart, we send our warmest Christmas blessing.
    Merry Christmas,
    Sam & Chong Allen

  4. Rick and Patty, this word strongly resonates in my spirit. I shared this with those in our House Of Prayer, as well as with some of our friends. This season is a time to content in the spirit for our nations, and for the world. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    In HIM…..
    Pastor Audrey McIntyre
    House of Good Hope
    Hartford CT

  5. Dear Rick and Patty,
    We bless you! Thank you for sharing His vision and prophetic words of guidance and direction. We affirm the great need to live in that place of intimate worship so that we can hear His voice and be led by His Spirit, to both build up and tear down.
    May God richly bless and keep you! May He continue to pour out dreams, visions, and manifestations of His glory as you encourage, strengthen, warn, and align the troops.
    Shabbat Shalom from Kansas City, Missouri,
    Lisa and Anthony Foti
    Return Ministries USA Team Members

  6. Dear Rick & Patty,

    Shabbat Shalom! Your article has blessed me roundly and soundly! Today is the 1st time I have come across you and your ministry. Happy Days, as we say in Belfast, Northern Ireland!

    Your revelation on the tsunami from Togo on the International Date Line was stunning! Whatq remarkable ramifications occurred, like a bell, right into space!

    In September I had the privilege of visiting Israel for the first time on a Study Tour with my Pastor Johann Vizagie and his friend Andrey Gelbert, the excellent spirit filled guide from Kings Son Tours.
    A rich and life-changing experience indeed, so it was.

    Having spent time in Kenya before, it was exciting to hear of the Lord’s hand moving powerfully in the nation.

    Thank you for your kind, loving heart as you share your wisdom with us.
    God bless you both with every good gift from our Father of Lights,
    Judith Van Wyk
    (Recently uprooted from South Africa and transplanted in Belfast, Northern Ireland 🍀 😃)

  7. Praise and blessing for Jesus words through the ministery HE gave you ! !
    STAY BLESSED, as you are and you still be !
    From new-born french old man in France, inconditionnal Israël’s friend.
    Sorry about my little english ! ! !
    signed gilbert.bernard3@orange.fr .

  8. Thank you dear pastor for your love and compassion !

    Please pray for my daughter Elim! She has one more than one year no communication with me , because her unbelievers friends theirs wrong lures , so she far alway from God for 7 years ! How I desire to see my daughter Elim, I just only one child that God gave me! I have cried to God for many years ! Please pray for my daughter Elim does not hate me , she can return to God quickly and love me again ! She is belongs to God , not belongs to devils , dear Jesus : You know one mother suffering heart and depression for this child Elim, she is the lost sheep , please send your angels to lead me to go home and back to church for building church together ! Please help her to leave the wrong friends’s relationship ! She needs your almighty powerful and miracles ! Dear Jesus :
    How long I still need to cry and wait for her going home and love and forgive me together ! Dear Jesus:
    Please show me the way , and show Elim the heart for return to You as soon as quickly ! This is my deep prayer, in the name of Jesus, A-men!

    A suffering and crying mother : Sunny …from Taiwan

    1. Dear Sunny,
      Please read and re read Isaiah 54. The key word is Sing –
      How to I know, because for 10 years our daughter took her 4 sons away from us and lived with a violent and abussive man (not the boys father). For a years there was no contact. For a whole year we sang hymns everynight, read the Word of God and hung on to God’s promises to us. I have just completed a study on Thankfulness to the Lord – in every situation – its not easy at the beginning but then it becomes your life.
      Eventually the Lord brought her back, the boys are being healed of the hurts and the Lord is working in their lives. Our daughter is now back to teaching Sunday School – keep praying, keep thanking the Lord, keep trusting His promises.

  9. Dear Rick and Patricia Ridings I am so grateful to the Lord for His word you have expounded for the last five (5) years the Lord has been taking me through this scriptures in Isaiah and have been praying how and when and who and where what? Praise the Lord for the wisdom that now through the Holy Spirit in you I shall be able to for God’s direction. Thanks so very much.
    I am believing God to enable me to travel to Jerusalem this 2023 year. and hear and meet with you or Patricia personally.

  10. The first time I heard Rick Ridings release the word about the volcanic eruption near the date line I immediately thought of the Freedom Convoy of truckers in Canada. They started Jan 22 (7 days after the sound of bells ringing around the world) and honked their horns (the sound of freedom) as they travelled to Parliament Hill in Ottawa Ontario. They came from the east and the west.
    A unique feature of the parliament buildings is the Peace Tower. There are 53 bells that usually ring every fifteen minutes. They are currently being repaired and restored. However during the Freedom Protest the work was halted and the Dominion Carillonneur played concerts 12 pm – 1 pm on Feb 14 – 17.
    “Around the biggest of the 53 carillon bells hanging in the Peace Tower reads the inscription, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace and goodwill towards men” — words taken from Luke’s Christmas passage in the Bible.”
    This Convoy has sparked many similar events around the world.

  11. Hi I am very supprised there is no word about Ukraine in those prophecies which was the main topic of 2022. Is there a reason why you didn’t comment on that?

    1. Actually, I did mention we need to continue to contend that regional conflicts not escalate into a premature WWIII. We have need contending much here in Succat Hallel that the Ukraine/ Russia conflict be contained a restrained and not spread into the nations around, and that the Lord would bring an end to that conflict in His great mercies

  12. Thank you Rick and Patricia for the prayer alert and prayer points. We join you daily 24/7 prayer from New Zealand and Tonga. We pray for Shalom Israel and safety of IDF soliders in Gaza and release of the remaining hostages. We speak comfort to God’s people and the families who have lost loved ones on 7 Oct and the current war against Hamas and Hezbollah and enemies of Israel. The Lord God of Israel arise and destroy the enemies of Israel. ‘From the ends of the earth, we proclaim to the Daughter of Zion, ‘See, your Savior comes! See, His reward is with Him,
    and His recompense accompanies Him.’”
    Israel will be called the Holy People, the Redeemed of the Lord;
    and you will be called Sought After, the City No Longer Deserted.’ Amen. Shalom

    1. Dear Ate,

      So good to hear from you. We think of you often and hope you are doing well. We have been safe here in Jerusalem. We had a wonderful worship teaching and prayer time today. The Lord of good he is working in the midst of the storm. Lots of love, Rick and Patricia

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