From Rick Ridings, Succat Hallel, Jerusalem


There are urgent developments here in the Middle East, and we believe that decisions will be made in these next two months that will affect the fate of millions of people and the future of Israel.


The decisions that will be made are so serious we believe they need united prayer and fasting.  That’s why we’re asking you to join us in a three day Esther type fast beginning Friday, March 1st.


We ask prayer for three main areas:


First, in the past few years a new democracy has emerged in the Middle East in Northeast Syria.  Called SANES (“The Self Administration in North and East Syria”), it allows religious freedom, represents all the peoples, and encourages women to have a role in the government.  Most important, it is committed to stand against the potential genocide of the Christians and Kurdish peoples living there. We believe this positive development could be key to a great harvest in this region as prophesied in Isaiah 19 (where the prophecies for “Assyria” refer to the Assyrian Empire which ruled over most of the Middle East).  Pray for the protection of this democracy and for great harvest to begin in this region.


Second.  In January 2018, the Lord gave me a vision of the Lion of Judah seated on a throne above the Temple Mount.  He watched with an undisturbed sense of sovereignty as demonic highways were being built with the ultimate goal of laying siege to Jerusalem.  Three of these demonic highways came from Turkey, Russia, and Iran.

At a certain moment, the Lion of Judah suddenly roared over them, the demonic plans were thrown into confusion, large portions of these highways were destroyed, and the demonic plans were severely set back.  [To read the whole vision, go to: https://succathallel.com/2018/03/rick-ridings-the-lion-of-judah-jerusalem-and-the-nations/


I believe these next two months are crucial to the setback of these demonic highways.


President Trump announced in December that he would pull American troops out of North East Syria. At that point Turkey, Russia, and Iran all turned their focus towards Northeast Syria. If any of these three were to fully take over that region, there is a high likelihood of genocide of the Christians of that area; and also of the Kurds, a people who bravely withstood ISIS, and who are increasingly open to the gospel and to Israel. If any of these three were to fully take over that region, it could also enable Iran to have a land bridge to easily come against Israel.


Agree with us for the roar of the Lion of Judah to be released to bring a severe setback to the satanic efforts to build these demonic highways from Turkey, Russia, and Iran.


Proclaim over the Middle East, and over Jerusalem:


Isaiah 31:4-5

This is what the Lord says to me:

“As a lion growls,

a great lion over his prey–

and though a whole band of shepherds

is called together against him,

he is not frightened by their shouts

or disturbed by their clamor –

so the Lord Almighty will come down to do battle on Mount Zion and on its heights.

Like birds hovering overhead,

the Lord Almighty will shield Jerusalem;

he will shield it and deliver it,

he will ‘pass over’ it and will rescue it.”



Third, Israel holds elections on April 9th.  The Trump administration has announced it will unveil its peace plan after these elections.  We don’t know the details, but please pray that the Lord will protect Israel and the United States from any traps or snares of the enemy. Pray that there would be no dividing up of the Land, which according to Joel 3:1,2 will bring judgment on those nations that attempt to do that.


I encourage you to proclaim over President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu the following verses concerning traps, nets, and snares:


Psalms 9:13-15

O Lord, see how my enemies persecute me!

Have mercy and lift me up from the gates of death,

that I may declare your praises

in the gates of the Daughter of Zion

and there rejoice in your salvation.

The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug;

their feet are caught in the net they have hidden.


Psalms 35:4-9

May those who seek my life

be disgraced and put to shame;

may those who plot my ruin

be turned back in dismay.

May they be like chaff before the wind,

with the angel of the Lord driving them away;

may their path be dark and slippery,

with the angel of the Lord pursuing them.

Since they hid their net for me without cause

and without cause dug a pit for me,

may ruin overtake them by surprise–

may the net they hid entangle them,

may they fall into the pit, to their ruin.

Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord

and delight in his salvation.


Psalms 57:6

They spread a net for my feet–

I was bowed down in distress.

They dug a pit in my path–

but they have fallen into it themselves.



Psalms 119:110

The wicked have set a snare for me,

but I have not strayed from your precepts.



Very soon, we will celebrate Purim in Israel. We will remember that when the Jews of Persia faced annihilation in the book of Esther, Queen Esther asked for three days of fasting and prayer before she went in to see the king.  In that same spirit, we are calling for three days of united prayer and fasting (may the Lord lead you as to how many meals and what degree of fasting) from March 1-3, 2019.


As you pray for leaders, and especially the leaders of the United States and Israel, pray with us that the mute button will put on evil counsel, and that the volume will be turned up on godly counsel.  Pray that any wrong decisions already taken will be reversed or modified according to the wisdom of the Lord (there is a report that a small number of US troops will now stay in NE Syria). Pray for a severe setback of any demonic plans to bring death and destruction to North East Syria and to Israel.


Believe with us that decrees of the Lord will be released that will protect the Christians and Kurds of NE Syria, will protect Israel, and will keep a window of mercy open for a great harvest in this region.


Rick Ridings

Succat Hallel 24/7 House of Prayer overlooking the Temple Mount in Jerusalem



For a YouTube video version of this prayer alert click on: YouTube Call to Prayer for NE Syria and Israel

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